Epoxy/Acrylic Water-based Primer

Epoxy/Acrylic Water-based Primer

TekTop Epoxy/Acrylic Primer is uniquely formulated as a single-component, pre-catalyzed, water-based primer to provide simple and effective adhesion to properly prepared roofing surfaces.

This primer stops bleed-through of asphalt and bitumen roofs to prevent any discoloration of the Silicone topcoat. For most roofing surfaces including metal roofs and flashings – use Epoxy/Acrylic Primer.

Product Application

  • Sprayed
  • Rolled
  • Brushed On

Available in

  • 1gallon
  • 5gallon

Features and Benefits

    • Asphalt bleed blocker
    • Single component
    • Easy to apply
    • Low VOC
    • Water-based
    • Same benefits as a two-component epoxy
    • No need for mixing or measuring
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